Pedal Courier

Pedal Courier

Sameday Courier on a Bicycle

Fast & reliable same day delivery in Athens

The greenest and fastest way to move in the city

  • Bicycle Courier for documents and packages, document handling and other services by proxy.
  • Same-day delivery services, even within the hour from pickup.
  • Delivery services on weekends and national holidays.
  • At your service on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.  
  • We know the quickest routes for your deadlines.
  • On a bicycle we move faster through the city center during heavy traffic hours and reach destinations that are inaccessible to other vehicles.
  • Special prices for deliveries in Athens’ City Centre.

Our Business
is to Deliver Yours

Fast, reliable and environmentally friendly bicycle courier deliveries for your business in Athens


Having cities with less traffic is a choice we can make every day, starting with how we decide to receive packages and documents at home or office. The green solution for your last mile delivery.

Always Deliver

No matter the day or weather we Always Deliver. Sun, rain or snow, weekends or holidays, your documents and packages will always be at their destination. A promise is a promise.


As our clients grοw their businesses, we expand with services they request. Same day delivery in Athens city centre is our specialty. Give us a call.


Questions and Answers about the job of a Bicycle Courier and our Services.

Everything from an envelope to a small package. Anything up to 10kg that can fit in our messenger bags or on our bicycle racks.

Wherever a bicycle can ride within Athens, Piraeus and the greater Attiki area.

  1. Your name (company if applicable) and contact info.
  2. Pickup name, address and contact person.
  3. Delivery name, address and recipient contact.
  4. Item description (size & weight).
  5. Time package is ready for pickup.
  6. Your delivery deadline.
  7. Every little detail that can make our life easier.

Our 10 years of experience and special waterproof messenger bags guarantee the safety of your package. There is also insurance provided with every delivery.

Greeting cards, invitations, seasonal gifts, money orders, yes we do.

We might not be as fast as on a sunny day but we always deliver your packages safe and dry thanks to our waterproof bags and gear.

  • Boxes must be impact resistant with flat (equal) corners, preferably new boxes. The item is placed in the box, the void is filled with packing material that will prevent the item from moving, breaking, etc. Please avoid placing items in boxes that cannot support the item’s weight.
  • Fragile items must be packed separately (in bubble wrap, cotton wool, etc.) and then placed in the box so that they are not damaged when they come into contact with the sides of the box during transportation.
  • Items that are sensitive to moisture and dust should be placed in a plastic bag.
  • Small items, accessories and parts must first be placed in bags (or other suitable packaging) and then in a box.
  • Use strong adhesive tape.
  • Cylinder-shaped shipments must have a strong inner casing to avoid possible damage.

Professional and Corporate :

Law Firms, Architects, Financial, Medical, Fashion and Retail companies.

Private individuals and personal and residential customers.

On average, 50 km or about 4 hours per day. The rest is walking, elevators and standing by.

When a package is overweight, has a big volume or goes to a far destination, it needs to be delivered by car.

We collaborate with car couriers, so feel free to ask for a quote.

We prefer cash but there’s always the option of a bank transfer or debit card. Make sure to mention it on your order.

We are out there picking up and dropping off from 9:00 to 18:00 everyday. You can place an order for sameday delivery till 15:00.

Depending on how fast, how far, how heavy and on any other extra service request you might have, charge could range. Give us a call or send us an email for a quote. Soon there's gonna be an online booking app for sameday services, for envelopes and packages up to 2Kg within the city centre of Athens.

Our Delivery Zones

See where we deliver in Athens and Piraeus. Depending on your location, we have different coverage zones, delivery times and rates.

Click on the map to see our coverage zones and relevant details. And please call us if you have any questions.

Work with us

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Our office is our bicycle, therefore the most direct way to get in touch is by calling, texting or e-mailing us. Feel free to complete the form below with questions or ask for quotes.